Article by Giorgos Tsampras

Although cinema appeared in Greece in the beginning of the 20th century, the most widespread acceptance of the medium can be traced back to the Interwar years. This is when Greek films began being shot and screened (as well as gradually produced with sound), but also when American, French and German films rose in popularity. Discography, which was also taking its first steps in the Greece, was largely based on melodies and songs that originated from the movies of the time (both foreign and Greek).
... After all, these melodies and songs were also based on the rhythms that were popular back then (tango, waltz), and, in addition, their passage from the big screen was a serious advantage as regards their promotion at a time when the industry of discography had not yet developed its own means of promotion. Naturally, foreign songs acquired lyrics in Greek which were comparable to those of elafro (light style) songs of the time, or, more rarely, with references to their cinematic starting point. A characteristic example was that lyricists whose main activity was to write Greek lyrics based on foreign melodies started gradually appearing... The songs that were originally coming from Greek film productions were not many yet – just like the movies. And, of course, even fewer were the movies and songs which withstood, in the end, the passage of time...

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