Kounadis Archive consist of a large and valuable collection of music scores and libretti, 78rpm Records, rare and in most cases unique audio documents with interviews and narrations of the artists, performers, lyricists etc., photos, postal cards, films and more. Object of this project is the digitisation of Kounadis Archive and the creation of a Virtual Museum, as a digital entity that draws on the characteristics of a museum, in order to complement, enhance, or augment the experience through personalization, interactivity and richness of content on the Internet. The VM of Kounadis Archive will be a holistic experience; it will include everything that an in-situ museum would have (research, collections, exhibitions, interactions, activities, events, educational program, shop etc) but using technology it will be upgraded to a multimodal virtual experience. In addition to the virtual museum, this project focuses on the creation of an educational portal that will host educational services related to the K.A., which include core educational infrastructure as well as specific content, media and courses. The Virtual Museum of Kounadis Archive is an innovative proposal that will create a new  ulturalentity, involving various disciplines, producing sustainable outcomes tracing a new map of interactions and overcoming the spatial limits of the traditional museum.