Our goal

The primary goal of this project is to promote the rich cultural assets of “Kounadis Archive” to a wide audience, targeting -mainly- in researchers, academicians and students but also independent users interested in Greek history and music. To achieve its goal, Virtual Museum of “Kounadis Archive” will digitally document several various collection items, and design the web VM following the best practices on digital heritage and Virtual Museums. Having in mind the sustainability challenges that similar digital collections are facing, this project is not limited to digitalisation/documentation, but expands (in time and budget) to a Multimodal VM Experience for visitors (with collections, exhibitions, virtual tours, online educational courses, e-shop), a research portal for dissemination and enrichment of the data, a digital library for creative re-use (linked with Europeana) a fellowship program for further development and -at the end- an outreach strategy to build a strong supporting network.